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The future of payroll is free.

Meet Paid- the first free payroll system for small businesses with all the core features you need.
  • No platform or usage fees
  • No user or employee limits
  • No strings
Plus, new features like just-in-time submission to fund payroll hours before it's run - saving you precious time that may be needed to make changes while increasing your cash flow. 


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Funded by Andreessen Horowitz who also backed:

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We’ve got answers.

Why is Paid free?

We believe payroll should be free - forever. Paid is able to offer free standard payroll due to the financial wellness products offered to employees. And as we all know, financially stable employees are better employees.

Is Paid free for all users?

Paid's payroll platform is completely free for employers and employees. There are no platform fees, no limits on the number of admins or employees in the system, no obligations, lock-ins or strings attached.

What standard features does Paid offer?

Paid offers all standard Payroll platform features and functionality, including direct deposit, compensation management, employee database, tax filing, integrations, compliance management, time tracking, and more. 

What additional features does Paid offer?
Paid has new optional features embedded in the platform, including just-in-time funding, real-time pay for employees, smarter retention bonuses, flexible pay schedules, and more.
What is 'just-in-time payroll'?

We allow employers to submit and fund their payroll in real time.

Companies usually have to submit payroll 2-3 days before it’s due. Not because it takes a long time to set up but because it takes a long time for the funds to transfer. Paid leverages a technology called FedNow that provides instantaneous delivery of payroll funds.

This means employers can hold on to their money for longer, increasing cash flow.

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